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Christopher Plumbing Services recommends and fits electric boilers - why?Electric boiler image

Electric boilers are an efficient and low maintenance alternative to gas boilers for domestic central heating.

Electric boilers are ideal for properties with up to two bedrooms (or they can be used in multiples to suit the needs of larger properties).

Electric boilers can be used for both central heating and hot water if used with a storage tank.

Advantages of electric boilers

Electric boilers have many advantages over gas boilers:

Can a plumber fit an electric boiler?

The boiler is just one part of a property's heating or hot water system - all standard work for a plumber or central heating engineer. Rest assured, all electrical work is carried out by an engineer with appropriate qualifications.

If you think an electric boiler might suit your property, call us to discuss the options.

For more information, visit the Heatrae Sadia and Trianco Aztec websites.