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Water cycle diagramHow does a water softener work?

Rainwater is naturally soft but as it flows underground it collects calcium and magnesium minerals, gradually increasing in hardness.

Unfortunately for us, the water supply companies do not have to soften this water before supplying it to your home, despite the obvious damage it can cause!

Water softeners installed by Christopher Plumbing Services use ‘ion exchange resin’ to remove these hardness minerals. Hand holding ion exchange resin

This diagram shows how a water softener works

Mains hard water enters
the water softener

Hardness minerals are trapped in a resin bed. This is periodically regenerated (cleaned) by flushing with brine (salt dissolved in water)

Water softener diagram

Softened water is distributed to the house, gradually removing existing scale deposits

Used brine flushes the hardness minerals down the drain

Maintenance is minimal (just a periodic top-up of special block salt) and installation is usually straightforward as it can sit conveniently under the kitchen sink or in the garage.

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