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UK map showing hard water areasHard water and limescale problems

The mains water in the southeast of England is hard. This causes a number of problems including limescale build-up in the hot water system and pipes, unsightly scum and scale deposits in the kitchen and bathroom, skin problems, wasted energy and higher household running costs and fuel bills.

Does it really make a difference?
Well... consider these points:

  1. The efficiency of an A-rated boiler can be reduced to a C-rating due to limescale.
  2. As little as 3.2mm of scale can increase fuel bills by as much as 25%!
Heat-exchanger comparison between clean and scaled

Hover over the scaled-up heat exchanger from a boiler to see what it should look like!

A water softener can help to solve these hard water problems

Installing a water softener not only gives visible benefits such as easier cleaning and reduced cleaning products, it increases the boiler's efficiency, improving the central heating system and flow of hot water...
all helping to save you money!

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